Economic Development & Ownership

Economic Equality

We believed real empowerment comes from economic development. It is difficult to work for someone else when you have experienced economic freedom. However, wealth gained illegally at the expense of others is not real wealth. The Next Move Re-entry Program wants to help non-violent ex-offenders change the direction their lives by helping them create a small business with the Secretary of State or as a sole proprietorship.

When ex-offenders gain the tools to build their own business, their self-esteem will increase, their need to commit a crime decreases, and their families are strengthed. We know and understand it takes time to build wealth via ownership. However, we know having a felony makes it difficult to be employed in a leadership role in a Fortune 500 company. 

Dr. King understood racial injustices would be corrected if African Americans had a job or income to pursue happiness. He taught the importance of inequality and redistribution of wealth in the United States. We want to move ex-offenders past economic barriers incurred due to prison sentences, mental health issues, illiteracy and poverty. 

We believe "All labor has dignity" (Dr. King). We want ex-offenders to see creating true wealth comes from their ability to own businesses, real estate, and assets of value.

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Income Inequality and Redistribution of Wealth

Income inequality has destroyed the African American family. It has driven some African Americans to crime to live the "American Dream". Dr. King taught his followers African Americans could only become equal if their was income equality. Ex-offenders need an opportunity to create wealth and to benefit from income equality to their attitudes will change, their hearts will change, and their outcomes will change!

Dr. King Talks about Economic Inequality

Dr. King understood racial equality required economic equality. He knew true equality required African Americans to have jobs and opportunities to make enough money to provide for their families. He understood racial inequality had to be personalized. Labeling Negroes as criminals help to de-humanizes them. It is easier to see them as less or not equal. Without an economic foundation, it makes it difficult for all African Americans to become equal, especially those who are ex-offenders.

The EnTRAPpreneur is Vital

Jezzy's drops several nuggets in this interview during the Revolt Summit. We are looking for ex-offenders who realize the skillsets used in their past criminal life, can be still utilized to grow a legitimate business today. We want to help ex-offenders go to level up. Skills you learned in the street cannot be taught in business school, but they can be used to build generational wealth.

Economic Inclusion

Byron Allen, a billionaire, explains the power and necessity of African Americans "taking" and "protecting" their right to own a business and securing contracts with big businesses. 

Ex-offenders must create their seats at the table. They must create businesses and own 100% of it, so they can maintain their economic inclusion into the business community.